• Minimum duration of program is 1week
  • Minimum age is 18 years

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What our volunteers had to say

Expensive?? You know how many awesome places you visit???? You can’t put a price on this experience!!!! All the animals we treated, all the people we met, we had just been in the course for one week and it was the best week of my life!! And there was still one week left! It is without a doubt, worth every penny!!

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Wildlife Veterinary Program

Wildlife Veterinary ProgramWildlife Veterinary ProgramWildlife Veterinary ProgramWildlife Veterinary ProgramWildlife Veterinary Program

Who you will be volunteering with

Veterinary Vision / Game CaptureThis Wildlife Veterinary Project is a born global entity that contributes to wildlife conservation and animal welfare through active participation and training of professionals. This project facilitates the connection between theory and practical experience in the knowledge of wildlife and it´s ecosystem. They are committed in the development of scientific but sustainable projects on nature. During the course they support and work with several local companies that focus its efforts and knowledge on the protection of its wildlife, culture and economy. Thanks to the good quality of the program and their strong commitment to conservation, many institutions and universities support their cause and help them achieve their goals.

South Africa is a world leader in the protection and maintenance of biodiversity of their natural heritage. The country is blessed with a wealth of national parks and wilderness areas and boasts some of the leading global professionals involved in the implementation of sound wildlife medicine principles and research.

Your involvement

Vet Vision / Game CaptureThis is a dynamic program that is structured into three theoretical / practical modules. The course takes place in several nature reserves and rehabilitation centres throughout South Africa. This course is designed to give the delegates an opportunity to participate in a variety of cases, projects and experiences involving African wildlife.

Community based conservation – The biggest threat to wildlife in Africa is human overpopulation and shrinking habitat. A realistic look into the lives of the average rural inhabitant and their perceptions of wildlife. How can conservation improve their quality of life?

We have the privilege of being able to work and collaborate with several other South African professionals. During the Wildlife Vet Course, various specialists will share their field of expertise with you. These include ecologists, biologists, marine experts, rangers and wildlife managers

What you will gain from your experience

Veterinary Vision / Game CaptureUnderstanding animal behaviour is one of the main subjects a wildlife Vet needs to grasp. Knowledge of each species’ behaviour is absolutely necessary for wildlife management and animal welfare.

This is a course for vets who want to gain knowledge in wildlife conservation and medicine with the aim of contributing to conservation through knowledge and participation in the future. For zoo vets who want to refresh and extend their knowledge of African wildlife. For vets who work with wildlife in other parts of the world that would like to experience what their colleagues in Africa do. For veterinary students who are seeking to possibly pursue a career in wildlife veterinary medicine

Other experiences to be had with this project:

Shark diving and Bungee jumping / Elephant interaction ride / Whale watching