Why Volunteer & why pay?

When you volunteer with On African Soil, you volunteer for An Adventure with a Purpose. Paying to volunteer is a little different to paying for a holiday. When you volunteer you create the opportunity for you to make a difference. So no matter what your background or your age, your contribution goes a long way to help.

How does this happen? OAS is affiliated to the most active conservation and community projects in South Africa. Your payment goes to the projects to assist in the rehabilitation of wildlife and the improvement of local communities. At On African Soil we do our very best to help by introducing suitable volunteers. That’s you!

That’s where you & On African Soil make the difference.

How does your money help?

Your contribution goes towards the daily expenses of the projects. That means that you help with the many mouths to feed, shelters to be built, medical/veterinary expenses, transportation, animal monitoring, anti-poaching measures and general repair and maintenance of the facilities. The community projects have schools to fix, children to educate and communities to develop. There is always something to do.

How do you benefit

You have an Adventure with a Purpose, whilst you make a difference!

You gain insight into diverse cultures and ways of life, and you learn about African Wildlife and its conservation and the difficulties that are faced. If you feel strongly about conservation awareness, wildlife rehabilitation, community and cultural improvement, then this is your opportunity make a meaningful contribution.

On African Soil makes this all happen for you. We give you pre-departure support and travel tips, and support while you are here. 

Where else does your money go:

Your payment covers for you food & accommodation, transportation, extra onsite and offsite excursions (project dependent), equipment (where needed) and products (where specified).

Transfers to and from the airport are also included (project dependant).

So now that you know what it’s all about, why not book your Adventure with a Purpose?