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Julia Anne Creamer

Queensland, Australia

Cell: +61 (0)475 431 751 GMT + 10


About Julia

Julia is a vibrant modern young woman in her mid thirties. Having spent time on every continent in the world in the capacity of traveller, employee, tourist or resident, she understands the demands and logistics of travel. New Zealand born and South African raised with family in the United Kingdom, Europe, United States and Australia, She is truly a worldly woman and well equipped for providing a competent service. Julia’s company is fittingly situated in the heart of South Africa’s bushveld Biome and close to an International Airport – the gateway to big game country.

"I believe in this country and its people…….there is so much good all around coming from passionate, inventive people dedicated to preserving the amazing diversity of nature and our vibrant array of cultures."

"I love being able to use my experience in order to connect the right project with the appropriate candidate, after all I have been there myself, from Camper-Van to 5 Star suite, horse back on a Mozambique beach to parasailing in Olu Deniz, Turkey."

Our Mission is to deliver a quality and professional service to both the volunteers and the projects we represent, thereby ensuring for all the best volunteer experience possible.

Our Vision is to make a positive impact on society and the environment by bringing to the projects we represent volunteers who want to make a positive difference to society and the environment as a whole.

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